An innovative and powerful blend of digital & social media outreach, traditional publicity, strategic partnerships and influencer seeding to reach your business target international markets. ORB clients are promoted through an intricate system of interrelated platforms driven by ORB’s in house departments of design & development, event promotion, publishing.

We specialize in

Global Real Estate Promotion * Global Trade & Business * Travel & Tourism

Our team is multilingual and diverse. Our consultants have industry and country specific expertise to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of global business services with superior attention to quality and professionalism

What we do for clients

 Bridge the gap into international markets by helping companies to connect internationally, and obtain more clients from overseas markets.

Global Real Estate

  • ConXglobal
  • Overseas Property Expo Series
  • International Media Partners
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Global Trade and Commerce

  • ConXTrade
  • Outbound Business Expansion

    • Industry Connection
  • Inbound Florida Expansion

    Market analysis

    • Business Introductions
    • Fl representation


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Travel and Tourism

  • ConXTravel
  • Inbound groups and representation

    • Retail tourism
    • In Country representation
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International Public Relations and Multimedia

  • Consultancy
  • Corporate Training
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media outreach
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Our Clients