Global public relations and multimedia specializing in real estate promotion, travel & tourism, and international business connection.

Orb International has a number of different multimedia platforms that it uses to promote its clients internationally in the following areas of specialty 

International Property Promotion * Global Trade & Business * Travel & Tourism

What we do for clients

 Bridge the gap into international markets by helping companies to connect internationally, and obtain more clients from overseas markets.

Global Real Estate

  • ConXglobal
  • Overseas Property Expo Series
  • International Media Partners
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Global Trade and Commerce

  • ConXTrade
  • Outbound Business Expansion

    • Industry Connection
  • Inbound Florida Expansion

    Market analysis

    • Business Introductions
    • Fl representation


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Travel and Tourism

  • ConXTravel
  • Inbound groups and representation

    • Retail tourism
    • In Country representation
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International Public Relations and Multimedia

  • Consultancy
  • Corporate Training
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media outreach
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Our Clients